About Us

Panmi Parts is a sub-brand operating under the umbrella of Panmi. Panmi established Panmi Parts to provide replacement parts and consumables to our customers in order to extend the longevity of our products and help you continue to enjoy your product long after purchase.

We know that your needs as a consumer continue long after you receive your product and with the many variety of makes and models out there it can be tough to source the right parts to maintain your e-Scooter, e-Bike, Robot vacuum etc. We hope that by providing only authorised OEM parts from verified sources that we can make this process easier for our customers.

Often sourcing replacements parts can be difficuilt, even when you have a direct line to the original manufactuer as we do. If you need help sourcing a replacement part that is not listed for a Panmi Authorised product which you have purchased from one of our Authorised Resellers please feel free to reach and we will aim to provide you with the right advice to achieve your solution.

Panmi also provides warranty and non-warranty servicing for our products through another Panmi offering called Panmi Service. If you do not want to deal
with the hassle of sourcing and servicing your e-Scooter, or have had an issue inside the warranty period, Panmi Service may
the solution you need. Panmi Service has an established network of service partners throughout Australia and can connnect you with your nearest authorised service provider.
You can find a link to the Panmi Service at the footer of this page or this page or head to service.panmi.com.au


All products and parts are sourced directly
from the original manufacture,so you can rest
assured knowing that your part will fit and
perform exactly as intended.


By maintaining your purchase,you increase
the lifespan of your product while reducing the
need to replace or dispose of items


Your safety is our duty and by purchasing from
Panmi Parts,we guarantee to source only
original approved parts directly from